Feasibility studies

Electronic Databank for the state of Gujarat

The Government of Gujarat possesses a substantial amount of information pertaining to a wide range of areas. This information is resident with the various Government Departments, Boards, Corporations, Local Authorities etc. This includes data related to Industries, Projects, Economic and Statistical Data, Demographic and Social data etc.

With a view to making this information available in the Public domain, the Government of Gujarat wants to leverage its existing and planned IT resources to create an E-Databank/Data warehouse to disseminate the information. The State Government is also keen on exploring the possibilities of revenue generation through this exercise.

The main objectives, which "E-Databank" may serve, are:

  • To create a data bank of all types of information, reports etc. which the Government / Government dept.
  • Boards/Corporations/local authorities etc. are having.
  • To make efficient use of these information and generate revenue from this project.
  • Make this information available to General Public, Industrialist, Investors etc.
  • Also use of these information by various Govt. depts./Boards/Corporations.