Success Stories

Achievements of GIDB

The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) has been set up to facilitate higher flow of funds in the infrastructure sectors, to promote the private sector participation and to ensure co-ordination among various Government agencies in the state. The State Government has enacted the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act 1999 and amendment Act, 2006 to provide frame work for participation in the infrastructure projects by the private sector. It functions as a high powered regulatory body for the infrastructure development in the state.

Gujarat has a track record of successful private sector participation in infrastructure development. However, GIDB's first and the foremost accomplishment has been chalking out clear cut and comprehensive policies supported by a legal framework. The Board's focus has been on integrating and augmenting various components of infrastructure to improve the quality of life in the state.

  • The State Government of Gujarat through GIDB has prepared a Sustainable Development Vision Document for the State of Gujarat - Transforming Gujarat: The 2030 Vision for Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Vision Document includes the existing Targets/ Schemes of the State Government for each department which the State wants to achieve and are under implementation and the new Targets/ Schemes which the State Government would like to implement to achieve its objective towards the 2030 Gujarat Vision for Sustainable Development.
  • GIDB conducts Techno-Economic feasibility studies. It prepares the Terms of References, bid documents and funds the studies. It frames, evaluates and monitor Concession Agreements across sectors.
  • GIDB is conducting capacity building exercise in PPP for various State Government Departments /Agencies.
  • GIDB is a nodal agency for preparing VGF proposals for forwarding them to the Department of Economic Affairs, GoI and also for availing the State VGF assistance.

Island development in Gujarat

The Island Development Authority (IDA) has been constituted in the State under the Chairmanship of Hon. Chief Minister for regulated development of the islands in Gujarat, where in CEO, GIDB is the Convener/Member Secretary. Island Development Authority is being tasked with the identification and mapping of islands along Gujarat’s coastline and exploring the development potential of islands in the state of Gujarat. There are a total of 144 Islands in the state, out of which 13 islands are identified for Holistic development. The Islands such as Bet Dwarka, Pirotan, and Shiyal Savai were taken up in Phase 1 for Holistic development.

With GIDB’s funding for studies, Forest and Environment department has appointed a consultant /design technical agency for the preparation of the Master Plan, Detailed Design, and Technical Inputs at Pirotan Island. The tourism department has prepared the Master Plan and DPR for the Islands of Bet-Dwarka and Shiyal - Savai Bet.

GIDB and the Directorate of Employment & Training have appointed a consultant to carry out the Skill Demand Assessment Survey and Detailed Project Report for the establishment of the Marine Skill Training Centre at the ITI campus, Dwarka.

GIDB is in a process of identifying new sets of Islands in Phase 2 for Holistic development. For the same, Stakeholder consultations are carried out with various stakeholders. The development of these islands will be initiated after the approval of IDA.

Island development in Gujarat

PM Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan

Hon'ble Prime Minister, during the launch of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan Initiative on 13th October, 2021, proposed states to take the lead in preparing integrated infrastructure master plan in a coordinated way in order to reap the most benefits in terms of jobs and growth.

The key objective of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan Initiative is to ensure inter-departmental coordination and planning, synchronisation and prioritisation of Infrastructure, improving ease of doing business and reducing the overall logistics cost.

Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB) was appointed by the State Government as the Nodal Agency for implementing Gati Shakti Gujarat- Integrated Master Plan (GSG-IMP).

GIDB jointly with BISAG-N and nodal officers of the departments has undertaken integrating 22 infrastructure information and data of 22 departments and 63 Board/ Agencies with Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan Portal. This will help in streamlining the infrastructure development process and will also help in acceleration of investment along with improving Ease of Doing Business.

PM Gati Shakti Gujarat – Integrated Master Plan

84 portals of the stakeholders have been developed by BISAG-N. Integration of more than 1100 data layers has been completed. Automation of 46 infrastructure related NOCs/ Applications and Approval processes of the State Government Department are integrated with PM Gati Shakti Gujarat. More than 980 NOCs have been applied and under process by departments through their portals.

Gujarat NOCs have been integrated with National Master Plan so that Central Ministries can apply for State department’s permissions through PM Gati Shakti Gujarat. Currently more than 60 applications have been received from Central PSUs in Gujarat.

NoCs/ Approvals will also be integrated with Investor Facilitation Portal so that private applicants can apply for B2G applications seamlessly.

Integrated Logistic Policy

Gujarat has been ranked the first in the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) thrice and in “Achievers” category (the highest category) in 2022. The index aims at enhancing the focus on improving logistics performance across states which is essential for improving the country's trade and reducing transactions cost.

Logistics has played a key role in maintaining and propelling this growth. Endowed with a 1,600 kms long coastline with 1 major and 48 non-major ports, Gujarat handles 40% of the country’s cargo amounting to over 554 million metric tons. The port led development has transformed areas such as Kutch and South Gujarat into industrial hubs and has provided employment to many. Gujarat also has a wide network of roads which provides connectivity till the last mile. In addition, several futuristic and game changing infrastructure development projects have already been envisaged; few of them are such as Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) and Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC), SIRs, Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway, Development of Port and Rail Connectivity Projects etc.

To strengthen and maintain its position, GIDB has prepared Gujarat Integrated Logistics and Logistics Park Policy 2021 and was launched on 17th July, 2021 vide Government Resolution No. GIDB - Gujarat Integrated Logistics and Logistics Park Policy 2021 to boost logistics sector in the state.

Integrated Logistic Policy

This policy is in synchronization with the guidelines of the Logistics Division, Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India as stated in the draft National Logistics Policy (NLP) vide resolution no. 63/Logistics/2018 dated 05-Feb-2019.

The State Government has set up 3 Committees to coordinate with various stakeholders to support development/ enhancement/ upgradation of logistics facilities in conjunction with the State Logistics Master plan vide Government Resolution No. IDB/ 102021 /301939/I-1 dated 17th July, 2021.

Under City Logistics Co-ordination Committee, 08 committees for 08 Municipal Corporations have been set up and 09 Meetings have already been conducted. A meeting of Gujarat State Logistics Cell was held in February, 2022 chaired by ACS- IMD to discuss various issues related to Logistics sector in Gujarat.

GIDB has appointed consultants for the preparation of City Logistic Master Plan for the 8 major cities of the State. The consultants has submitted Interim Report for the 8 Major cities and which has been approved by the Steering committee formed for the project.

GIDB has appointed consultant for the preparation of Integrated Logistic Master Plan for the State of Gujarat. The consultant has submitted Current State Assessment Report and which has been approved by the Steering committee formed for the project.

Leads – 2023

Gujarat is once again placed in the "Achievers" category in LEADS-2023. DPIIT of Commerce and Industry, Government of India has been releasing the report on annual survey on the Logistics Ease Across Different States (LEADS) since 2018 to benchmark Logistics performance across States.

Gujarat was ranked 1st in all the previous ranking, i.e., 2018, 2019 and 2021 and has been ranked under “Achievers” category (Which is top performing State category) in the year 2022.

Leads – 2023

Preparation of Railway Master Plan for the State of Gujarat

The State Govt. through GIDB & G-RIDE has prepared the Railway Master Plan. The objective is with priorities list of projects and with anticipated timelines:

  • Evaluate the current and potential demand for railway infrastructure and services in Gujarat, in the context of the overall Development Strategy and creating an effective rail network.
  • Review the current railway capacity and planned improvements, and establish the gap between this capacity and the requisite railway infrastructure and services that will cater to the future demand.
  • Propose a railway development strategy and Master Plan to close the gap, and develop the required level of infrastructure and services needed to make a maximum contribution in facilitating and catalysing economic development.

Western Railways and Government of Gujarat have identified 30 priority projects for detailed assessment. These projects pertain to following categories:

Freight Consolidation Hubs; Port Connectivity; Semi High Speed Rail Corridors; Unserved District Connectivity; Regional Rail Transit System; Urban Mass Transit/Metro Rail; Tourist Centre Connectivity, etc.

Preparation of Railway Master Plan for the State of Gujarat

Establishment of Task Force for USD 5 Trillion Economy

The Task Force committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Hasmukh Adhia, IAS, Retd, Former Finance Secretary, GoI was formed for working out the strategy of the Government of Gujarat for making India a Five Trillion Economy wherein the GIDB is supporting Task Force.

The Task force has submitted the study report to the State Government.

Establishment of Task Force for USD 5 Trillion Economy

GIDB Apex Authority

The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board (GIDB), established under section 17 of The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Act, 1999 is declared and designated as the Special Investment Region (SIR) Apex Authority under section 5 of The Gujarat Special Investment Region Act, 2009.

  • The Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board functions as Apex Authority under The Gujarat SIR Act, 2009. The main function of Apex Authority is development of all SIRs in the state and scrutinize/sanction their respective Development Plans and Town Planning Schemes.
  • Under section 3 of The Gujarat SIR Act, 2009, Industries and Mines Department has notified 7 Special Investment Regions. Out of which 3 Special Investment Regions namely Dholera SIR (DSIR), Mandal Bechraji SIR (MBSIR), Gujarat Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemical SIR (GPCPSIR) are functional and ongoing.
  • As per the provisions of The Gujarat SIR Act, 2009, Development Plans of Dholera SIR & Gujarat Petroleum, Chemicals and Petrochemical SIR were sanctioned in the year 2012 and Development Plan of Mandal Bechraji SIR was sanctioned in the year 2016 by Apex Authority, GIDB.

GIDB Apex Authority

  • As per the provisions of The Gujarat SIR Act, 2009, 6 Draft Town Planning Schemes in DSIR, 4 Draft Town Planning scheme in GPCPSIR & 5 Draft Town Planning Schemes in MBSIR having a large area were sanctioned in the years 2012, 2013, & 2018 respectively.
  • Special Investment Region’s Town Planning Schemes (TPS) are split into smaller schemes due to large area and to finalize it in a speedy manner. Town Planning Officers (TPO) have split up the above 15 Town Planning Schemes into 27 Town Planning Schemes.
  • The Draft TP Schemes of different SIRs are under finalization by the Town Planning Officers who are appointed by the Apex Authority, GIDB. The Draft TPS are at different stages of finalization. Out of which 2 preliminary Town Planning Schemes, TPS no. 2A (Dholera, Rahtalav, Bhimtalav) and TPS no. 4A (Dholera, Mundi) of Dholera SIR are sanctioned by the Apex Authority, GIDB in 2018.
  • Chief Town Planning (CTP) Unit of GIDB deals with the consultation of Tentative Reconstitution proposals and before award (preliminary) proposals which are sent by TPOs for consultation of Chief Town Planner, GIDB and also scrutinize the proposals for modification in Development Plans by different Regional Development Authorities (RDAs) and get approval of the competent authority (Apex Authority, GIDB).
  • The CTP Unit also monitors the progress of Town Planning Schemes of different SIRs by taking periodical reviews and guide the concerned TPO and RDA.
    • CTP Consultation for Tentative Reconstitution (TR) given by CTP Unit of 5 Town Planning Schemes of Mandal Bechraji SIR and 2 Town Planning Schemes of Dholera SIR
    • Scrutiny and approval of competent authority Time limit Extension of Town Planning schemes of MBSIR, DSIR and GPCPSIR under section 51 of The Gujarat Town Planning and Urban Development Act, 1976.
    • Scrutiny and approval of competent authority for proposal of variations in Final Development Plan of Dholera SIR and Mandal Bechraji SIR proposals.

Success Story: Infrastructure in Gujarat