About GIDB


Gujarat believes that development of infrastructure is pivotal to industrial and economic growth. To facilitate the development of infrastructure there is an elaborate legal and organisational framework. This arrangement is symbolised by the Gujarat Infrastructure Development Board, popularly known as GIDB. GIDB is a statutory organisation of the Gujarat Government.


Defining features

  • The first ever PPP legal framework in India
  • Single window clearance
  • Encouragement to private sector participation
  • Focus on robust and futuristic infrastructure
  • Equitable development of basic infrastructure
  • Widening the scope of infrastructures
  • A promise that infrastructure development will lead to all round economic development

In 1999, the Gujarat Infrastructure Development (GID) Act was enacted which gives legal framework and roadmap for PPP. GID Act proclaims “competitive bidding” as the preferred mode for developer selection and lays down detailed guidelines However, “Swiss Challenge Route” also recognised to take benefits of innovative ideas and unsolicited projects. In 2006 project award through Direct Negotiation added.

A project can thus be awarded to a developer through    

  • Competitive bidding (Section 9 GID Act)
  • Comparative bidding(Section 10 GID Act)
  • Direct negotiation(Section 10A GID Act)

Modes of Private Sector Participation (PSP): BOT, BOOT, BT, BLT, BTO, ROT, etc