Vadodara is the second largest airport in Gujarat. The existing airport has facilities of handling A-320/100, B-737-200/400/400/800 and ATR and military aircrafts. Airport has four parking bays capable of handle B-737s/A320s. Present passenger handling capacity of terminal is around 200 and car parking capacity of domestic terminal is 136. It does not have any cargo terminal. Isolation bay at airport and shoulders for runway do not exist.

IBased on apron handling capacity, the airport can handle 16 lakh passengers considering 24 hours of operations. Further considering the 18 hours of operation, capacity comes to around 12 lakh. Airport would reach to this capacity in the 2018-19 and 2015-16 for 24 hours and 18 hours respectively .

These capacity constraints can be addressed through modernization of airport. This airport is included in 35 non metro airport development programme in phase 2. Proposed development work includes strengthening of runway and apron, development parking bay and terminal building to augment the peak hour passenger handling capacity and other requirements. This would resolve the capacity issues of airport.