The Porbandar airport has a newly constructed terminal building of current peak hour capacity of 100 pax for both arrival and departure. The airport is capable for operation of B-737 types of aircrafts. It has a car parking capacity of 50 cars at a time. Its parking apron is of size 300 ft x 200 ft having capacity to handle one B-737 type aircraft at a time. New terminal building and some infrastructure facilities have been recently developed.

IBased apron capacity, the airport can handle 4-5 lakh passengers. The airport would reach to this capacity beyond 2020. Keshod is small town in Junagadh district. There are no scheduled flights operating to this airport. It has potential to be developed as full fledged airport owing to the tourism potential of Junagadh district. Its present peak hour passenger handling capacity is 25 pax both for arrival and departure. Its parking apron is of size 350 ft x 250 ft having capacity to handle two F-27 type smaller aircraft at a time. It handled 40 passengers in 2006-07.

The airport has no demand and hence there is no urgent need for upgradation. The airport can be upgraded to handle smaller aircrafts regularly at relatively smaller cost.

The Surat airport was constructed by the Government of Gujarat on a 312 hectare plot on Dumas road near Magdalla but its operations are handled by AAI. Its runway is 1400 meter long and capable of handling A-320 and B-737types of aircraft. It doesn’t have a cargo complex.

Almost all the above airports lack night landing facilities. AAI plans to develop them.