Statement showing details of PPP Projects involving revenue realisation to Government which were completed and operational
Sr. No State Name of Project Department/ Agency Current Status report of such Projects Mode of Award (ICB/ Domestic Tender/ Negotiated) Name of Private Developer Concession Period (years) Date of Commencement  Construction Completion Date ( as per concession agreement) Date of Commercial Operation          ( Actual) Project Cost(Revised) in Rs crores Project Cost ( Actual) in Rs crores Revenue realised in Each Year (in Rs. Crore)
1 Gujarat CSC eGram Vishwagram Society Completed/ Operational   IL&FS,Airtel,3i Infotech Ltd.,CMS Computer Ltd.,Reliance ADAG Group                        
2 Gujarat GSWAN (BOOM) basis GIL/DST Completed/ Operational BOT TCIL,GOL,WIPRO,BSNL,GNFC,Adino,Bharti Airtel ,Communica,UTL 8 years (Mar-01 to Dec-09)  2001 2008 2001-2008 0 80            
3 Gujarat Srava Shiksha Abiyan (quaterly staggered payment method) GIL/SSA Completed/ Operational Tender 1. M/s Educomp         2. M/s Teledata          3. M/s Everon
3 years                      
4 Gujarat Stamp & registration GIL/ IGR Completed/ Operational Tender 1.M/s Gujarat Infotech Ltd.                              2.M/s Silver Touch Technologies Ltd.       3.M/s United Telecoms Ltd.                              4.M/s Sanghavi Computers Centre Pvt. Ltd. 3 Years                      
5 Gujarat Infocity(BOT basis) GIL Completed/ Operational       2000 32 years after concession agreement is expired 26.02.2001 0 150 0.175 0.2 0.228 0.24   0.2272
6 Gujarat Shivrath Center of Excellence in Clinical resarch at Ahmedabad GSBTM Commissioned   M/s. Synchron Resarch Pvt.Ltd   2009   15-06-2010 0 5.32 0.4 0.8 1.03 0.95   0.68
7 Gujarat Biotech Incubator at Vadodara Gujarat State Bio Technology Mission (GSBTM) Under Implementation   M/s. Akruti Nirman abd TCG & UIH Ltd., Mumbai         0 80            
8 Gujarat Biotechnology Savli Park Incubator for Research, Innovation and Technopreneurship GSBTM Under Assessment             0 100